Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Style..it's not what you wear it's how you wear it..

So part of this style school class that I am taking has me looking at my personal style. If you look in my closet this moment it looks like a mix of I wish I had my 17 yr old body back, I have had "three kids" mom jeans and I work for the government. I have a speckle of cute "trendy" go out clothes because in reality I only go out a speckle of time. My dresser drawers are hilarious in the fact that three whole drawers are dedicated to workout/hangout pants and shirts. No joke, I have 6 pairs of yoga pants and I haven't seen my mat for almost 3mths. My collection of t-shirts is gross and don't start with the sports bra's. Is it a issue that when I work out I wear 3, at the same time..... I digress.

Back to what this post is about. So style school has driven me to really think about the type of person I am and how that reflects in my choice of clothing. After much research, thank you wikipedia, I have come to the conclusion that I do not fit in any sort of style era and I have no style icon. I mean I dig the flappers of the 20's, I think the late 60's/early 70's is very inspirational but I have no real connection to either. I feel no draw. I slipped in and out of the 80's, BTW my most disliked era, and I ended up in the 90's which left me with my first twinge of light. One word "Grunge". Yes the dirty jean jackets, the unlaced boots, the dirty chucks, the flannel... oh lord the flannel. One of every style and color please. I remember borrowing my dads flannels to wear to school after he had left for work in the morning. Grunge made me happy and it made me feel rebellious and it made me feel comfortable. But it did not make me feel sexy or cute or even remotely like a girl.

So then I started to browse through designers associated with the grunge era, yes there were actually people who designed those flannels, I found a style that while many refer to hippie clothes is now called boho-chic. It derives from Bohemian or Gypsy and Chic meaning elegant or stylish. Well while I feel like a Gypsy some days and I am far from stylish I found this style of clothing really spoke to me. I thought back to my closet and the items in there that would reflect this style and I would say that yes, I feel most cute, confident and sometimes rebellious when I wear those outfits that resemble Boho-chic.

images from

Cute Owl Purse that is no longer being made but heck I couldn't resist the image!

Billabong Shirt

Mia Shoes

So while I have narrowed down my style I have to say my additions and accessories along with the attitude I have when I am wearing them are what make my clothing options my own style and not anyone elses. Cowboy boots, leather moccasins, leggings, knitted wraps, shawls and of course my endless supply of yoga pants all make me the non 17 yr old, mom of three, home body that my closet says I am. Now I just need a huge purge of my closet and a money tree. Who said dressing like a Gypsy was cheap? Here I come Goodwill!! I need to get my fashion on!

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