Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Little Bird Went Chirp....


I like this posting stuff!!

Another little favorite idea that I would like to add to the homestead.
It's those darn window shutters again. I should really locate the "how to" on this one.

Kurt Halsey - Small Crush

Chad was sweet enough to gift me some pretty cute Kurt Halsey items for Christmas. I did send him the link and specifically asked for the necklace but he choose the picture on his own... I think. Ok maybe I asked for that as well.

The necklace is so sweet and very heavy which I like.

And this image will be framed and placed in our living room.

Here are a few of my favorites pieces. They won't be added to my collection
but they inspire me a bit.


2010 The List

Sounds like a movie title. Really it's more of a process. I go through each day fantasizing about all of the things I want to do and spend equal time fantasizing about how I am going to organize all of my ideas and because I have spent so much time wandering I never actually do anything. So begins the 3rd blog. Some what of a dream catcher. I think I will post the 2010 list on here and use this as sort of a drop station for ideas more like a stimulation closet. Hmmm that sounds bad. I just need a place where I can share some inspirational things and not dwell on the not so inspirational. Good intentions huh.
So lets begin with one of the 2010 items: Turn it into "Our Home" This one is pretty simple, purge completely the old and refresh everything. I still have a few droppings left over from the previous hot mess and it's about time they were cleaned up. I keep stepping in them and I am so tired of cleaning my shoes. I want to spend some time re-vamping the house and making it a reflection of our life now. 3 kids later and a whole different type of life, my home needs a spiritual makeover. Not just a fresh coat of paint but a colonic. Baby steps will hopefully produce a brand spankin new soul for our home. It needs it and I sort of need it too. 1st step! Make one of these cool window shutter wall things. Perfect for the master bedroom. No idea where this pic came from.