Tuesday, August 31, 2010

kids music for a cause

I started reading Pacing the Panic Room a year or so ago and was immediately captured by the photography of Ryan Marshall. Over the past 16 or so months I have been a recent visitor and spent many a hours wandering through his postings, his photography and his video makings. This guy is good. One of his recent projects has been in support of his stepson LB and his diagnose of SMS. Ryan along with various musical buddies, a lot of time and effort and a ton of faith have created a kids album for sale on itunes.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this album goes to a grant fund he established with PRISMS. The money will be made available to grad students who wish to make SMS their field of choice, the benefit of this is more hard research being done, which leads to more case studies, which leads to more answers for parents and researchers.

As part of a huge blogger movement I have added a widget to help support the launch of his CD. If you notice on the widget at the very bottom there is a Make a Donation feature. This is here for anyone that is moved to make a larger donation than simply buying the album. If you can mention it, or just draw some attention to the fact that it is there, that would be lovely.

For more details about SMS or Ryan and LB visit his blog. I promise you won't regret it. To purchase the CD click below. It's good stuff.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Camping weekend!

Styling a Bloody Mary bar and a Smore Bar. I know its not your grandma's camping but I am mixing two of my favorite things for my Birthday camping trip. I love to style tables and parties in general and this weekend I wanted to bring some "fun" to our camping trip. We have a few guests joining us so I thought I would add some fun details to the meals. Bloody Marys count as a meal you know.

So far I am beyond 20 ingredients for the bar and the smores have been upgraded a bit. My biggest problem with styling these bars is gaining height and since I am hauling everything with me I predict the same problem this time. So we shall see what come of this adventure.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I have so much to do that I sort of feel like doing nothing at all.

I thought I would make a list, because making lists is not on my to do list but it makes me happy.

1. Call Kaiser and check on babies stool samples.
2. Look up Teen Mom on MTV and post on message board about my dislike for Farrah.
3. Organize for back to school
4. Work on family calendar for Sept/Oct
5. Call sister about family calendar for Sept/Oct
6. Send thank you to Duana for super fun craft night last week.
7. Begin planning the Gabba Gabba party
8. Keep reviewing the ipod family (as I have been for 3 years) and continue to convince myself what a waste of time and money all these items are. Shit my CD player at home works just fine. And that ole paper and pen isn't out of style. What college students don't write in cursive....
9. Pick a day to start my Bikram classes and STICK to it!
10. Blog my Sacramento trip, cause it was fun and I want to remember parts of it, and forget one small part.
11. Start digging for treasure in random places because in order for #7 and #8 and #9 to happen I need to find me some GOLD.

Monday, August 2, 2010


2010-1977 tells me I am going to be 33 at the end of this month. I am not sure how I feel about 33. The number looks young, it sort of stands off the page a bit. It doesn’t match the death sentence that I think 43 would. 33 kind of sounds like I still have a chance to get it all back. 33 seems sort of like the highlight time. Like this year I could really make some changes and steer this ship onto a newer fresher course.

I have seen other artists, bloggers and mothers do this and I thought it would be fun to try this year. Of course not all of these things can be accomplished, but it would be fun to try. Lets see how far I can get!
1. Mail out 33 postcards or hand written letters, and no Christmas doesn’t count
2. Find 10 new places to eat
3. Try 33 new recipes
4. Learn how to sew on paper and in journals
5. Spend 33 minutes outside on the sidewalk with chalk
6. Take 33 self portraits
7. Walk 33 minutes or more 2 times a week
8. Scrap 33 pages
9. Journal 33 prompts
10. Photo shoot with mom and dad
11. Do a week cleanse at least twice
12. 33 random acts of kindness
13. Craft a lot of my Christmas presents
14. Buy more Etsy and less Target
15. Build a nest
16. Wear more vintage house dresses
17. Wear my fun extensions more often
18. Spend 33 minutes a day working on crafty goodness
19. Photograph 33 new subjects in Macro
20. Eat 33% less taco bell
21. Plant 10 new things in the garden, starting with lettuce
22. Blog 33 times
23. Spend 33 dollars in a candy store (that one is going to be hard)
24. Find 33 different ways to tell the kids how much I love them
25. Take a 33 day challenge of some sort, maybe walk 33 minutes a day for 33 days?
26. Watch 33 movies, thanks Netflix
27. Once a month craft days
28. Once a month purge days
29. Host a girls only camping retreat in the cabin
30. Take a online class on a new crafting concept
31. Pick a subject to photograph and start a collage
32. Host a Porch Wine Night
33. Live in the moment and recognize it, journal it, craft it, express it, share it

4 weeks away and I already have my entire year planned!