Thursday, January 14, 2010

Focus on what is important

All too often I call family or friends and I am told how busy everyone is and how time is so limited to met or spend time together. Work, church, every other activity has already filled the calendar and there is just no time. I find myself having to text out save the dates months in advance for small birthday parties. I find it sad. As I was wandering through some blogs today I found this written by Darren Hardy and it really spoke to me.

When we look back at our lives, it will be our relationships that will matter most. Yet, still, our lives don’t reflect this wisdom. Ask anyone what their highest priorities are, and they will tell you their relationships with family and friends. But then you look at their calendars, you watch who gets priority when the phone rings, and the reality is quite different. We are here to exercise our gifts and talents. It is important to achieve and succeed, in both the marketplace and in our personal lives. Let’s not “miss the point.” Make sure your calendar represents the priorities you claim to be most important in life.

I choose to spend more time this year filling my Calendar with what is important in my life. My monthly dates with Chad, my home cooked family meals with weekly new recipes, dates with my children and important girl time. Even if there are no girls around to share it with, I am sure I will find something to do. What a wonderful reminder Mr. Hardy has given to me and I hope to remember it often.