Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cookies and Milk Party!!

Also called... a reason to eat cookies!

So I have been daydreaming about this type of activity for months. Spurred on by images from various blogs it finally took this blog post and offer of freebie artwork to get me to commit. So this summer I will host a Moms Club event themed "Milk and Cookies". I will probably host in July and make it a 2:00pm afar so that the kids can have time to bake/decorate cookies (hopefully while James is asleep) and play some games celebrating the wonderfulness of cookies!! All before Oprah is on. I will handout cookie cutters as a "thank you" for coming gift and my plan is too ask each mother to bring a dozen cookies for a cookie swap. I will also have a giveaway of a cookie jar for one lucky mom to take all her cookies home in. What a fun way to spend some of the hottest hours of the day don't you think? Well except the baking cookies part.. hmm I may have to re-think that option?

Oh and side note: Soy milk will be provided.

Porch Re-Do

I need to re-decorate my tired porch. Actually since I never decorated it to begin with this is actually not so much a re-do as a do-do. Insert childish laughter.. I need a vacation. Anyways there is something about my porch that just kills me. I don't know what it is. No actually that's a lie, I do know what it is. I hate it, the style, the furniture, the fact that junk is piled up behind the Japanese box trees so that it can't be seen from the street. I dream of a porch like this.

Decorated for the Holidays in special personal ways with details and character.

I need a new project like I need another McFrappe (see below) but I desperately want a change.

The HOT MESS that has earned its own post!

Ignore the Christmas decor. Behind the sea of boxes you can see a porch crying out for attention, demanding that it be used for good instead of evil. Yearning to earn the title "Welcome to my Inviting Home", clamoring for some homeowners yearning for the title of "Porch Drunks"and hell bent on drinking boxed wine. Ok so that's a little far but really glass and cement don't mix so well.

Where do I start? Do I save up for a year and hire someone, do I jump right in and hit up yard sales and thrift stores for furniture? Do I put those box trees on craigslist and offer them up, you pull, you haul for FREE? Where will the snails and cats hide once they are gone? Where will I hide my crap from prying eyes? Why do my boots feel so tight today? Did I grab the right thin socks this morning?

Well be assured what ever I do decide will be 100x better than what is there now. Sorry snails, you have been given your eviction notice.

PSA for the Day

Need I say more?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's just say .. we've been busy...

Let's just say .. we've been busy...
May came and went.. wait.. it’s not over yet.. oh heck it feels like June already, well at least my calendar is screaming June at me. The Spring months of April and May blur past me every year. The older the kids are getting the faster it moves. I look at my Calendar and no joke I only had 10 days in 61 that were left blank. And I am not talking about appointments to tan (which I don’t do anymore) or appointments to meet at the gym to workout (which I don’t do anymore). I am talking real life meet you at 4:00pm and if your 15mins late you lost your appointment type appointments. The type where you are sweating running for one place to the next only to find out that you’re at destination 2 out of 10 for the day. The mini van and I have had it rough. Ok there were some fun times…. Like here:

And here:

And this wasn’t too bad:

But alas I see relief. June is looking good. I see miles and miles of open days with nothing in site. Ok maybe that is a huge exaggeration but at least I have some 2 day periods where all I have to do is sit at home and catch up on my DVR’ed shows. I joke .. see being a full time working mom makes that whole “nothing to do today” thing not exist. So I am thankful that I have a few days this upcoming month where I get to peacefully wake up and head to work without my lunches and breaks spent running from here to there or calling so and so or printing out such and such or online registering him and her. Where I get to go home and not rush them to practice or us to a game or everyone to an 8:00pm bedtime. Where we can focus on the next camping trip, summer vacations and Wipeout. June please come quickly so that May can be gone for another 11mths!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Summer 2010 Collection

Here a few of my favorite things for this summer.
Clothing: So far the Madden Girl gladiator sandals have come home with me. A visit to DSW and $29.99 later they were mine. They are super comfortable and very stylish with my summer dresses that I have been living in lately. I already own the boots but I think I am in need of replacements this summer so that is on the horizon. The shirt is super cute and I think I am going to be wear a lot of thin leggings with flow shirts for our business casual at the office. The wonderful flop hat in dark brown is lovely and perfect for a trip to the beach or to the backyard with drink in hand. I threw those rain boots in because I want to start looking for discounted pairs now that spring is over. I really needed some this year, Chad's fishing boots were just not doing it for me this past winter.
Food: This summer it will be full of fresh.. fresh what you ask? Well fresh cookies, sushi and hopefully backyard garden veggies. Margaritas with silver tequila are a must.
Jewelry: I own the owl necklace, bought from a sweet etsy seller, the ring is also something I came across in a mall shoe store of all places. Now the feather necklace is something I have been eyeing for some time. I need a summer pair of glasses, my silver trimmed aviator style won't do.
Bathroom goodies: I started early on the self tan project. Most years I will spend May doing the indoor tanning thing to get prepared for summer but not this year. My skin cancer free body would like to continue to be that way. I already have one hole in my leg from a biopsy so I decided to go the self tan route. A few trial and error days and now I have the process down. Between Loreals Bronze Mist and Jergens Foam I have a nice golden color on my skin and its only May 10th. I also stocked up on my summer nail colors of metallic copper and brown.
Decor: I am sticking with my nature look through out the summer. The branches will stay up in the homestead and I plan on adding a few more wood pieces in the bedroom.

Help Charlie!

Not my Charlie but this little guy in the video.

When the video hits 25,000 views, Pedigree will release Part 2 plus make a donation for every view. So go watch and help at the same time. More than 107,000 dogs are abandoned like this every year.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

Mothers Day weekend was nice, it started off with Chad getting home early on Friday so we could do a last minute Costco run. While that doesn’t sound like fun the snacks were super good so James and I didn’t complain. We quickly swung by to pick up the kids and headed home with a new razor scooter that Julia had won in a raffle at school. Friday night ended with a nice bath and margaritas on the rocks.

Saturday morning I slept in due to Margaritas on the rocks (thanks Chad) and then headed out to a hair appt at 11:00am. Julia and I picked up mom and we went to get our hair “did”. Shoes shopping and lunch added to the fun. When we arrived home our new couches had arrived and the old ones had yet to exit. I love our new couches. They are sectional style and wrap around our room perfectly, so far after 2 days of sitting, laying and flopping on them I have to say .. we really really love them! We are in the process of selling the 2 that we replaced. They didn’t work for our family and were way too small for our living room.

new couches

Mothers Day dinner with my mom and mother-in-law on Sat night was crab legs and steak. Chad timed it pretty well and everything came out perfect. We hit up the fire pit in the back afterwards and enjoyed some family time under the stars. Dessert was wonderful, cream puffs covered with chocolate and berries mix.

Sunday morning the official M-day, I was treated to sleeping in again (I haven’t slept in since our last vacation without kids over a year ago). Breakfast in bed was nice but I got lonely so I slipped downstairs after only a few bites of food. We decided to take the kids to the park to run off some of the at home energy out of them and before we knew it we had been there for over 2 hrs. Playing ball and flinging Frisbees is tiring. Back home for a movie-athon and menudo and to bed early. It was such a nice weekend and I enjoyed it even though the to-do list was growing in the back of my head. A mothers work is never done.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010