Wednesday, September 22, 2010

text + best friend = smile

Me: This is very important, can I borrow your Prices Right Wii video game
Em: LOL. sure its the older version though. but then so am i and you still like me.
Me: I don't just like you i love you more than my luggage.
Em: Aww thanks

Fake Doc Martens and sarcastic humor brought us together. Very few things keep us apart.... for too long.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soccer Boy and Girl

A new season of soccer. Julia scored the "Dallas Cowboy" team, so far they look good (hair bows, soccer bag with names stitched on, t-shirts, custom waterbottles, matching head bands) but they haven't been much to chat about on the field. I think there is way to much forced positioning going on.

Jackson on the other hand is the opposite. His team has no banner, no shirts... nothing extra. They are 1-1 and Jack scored 2 goals last weekend. Enough for the coach to pull him and allow the other kids some elbow room. I called him ball hog super stud, Chad called him "good boy".

BTW I love both kids, no favorites here, Julias pictures did not go to my e-mail address so I doubt I will ever see them. Booooo hooooo

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall..... I swear it's right around the corner...

I simply can not wait for fall. Since I have the pleasure of being up at 5:30am I have noticed the cool crisp smell and feel of the air and I can see it roll in before the blazing sun burns it off by 8:00am. The kids are living in layers and while I hate tracking down all the clothes.. I love the fact that the season is changing.

I wrote a summer manifesto and I think I need to do one for Fall. It always helps give me a GUIDELINE to the type of season I would like to share with my family.

So here it goes. I want to spend this fall 2010 doing the things I love best with my family and friends. I want to cook lots of soup, spend time working on my THIRTY THREE list, spend soccer weekends picniking during the games, get in a last camping adventure, eat apple pie, thrift some jackets, make apple cider from scratch, cook a few turkeys, spend time on the porch under a blanket with HOT COCO and muffins, read more to the kids or in Jacksons case be read too, relax on Sundays and kick back more on the couch, craft nights with Julia, garden fall veggies and last but not least chill out from the hot summer days.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall finds #2

Fall Finds #1

Fall Finds #1
Fall Finds #1 by cv715 featuring flats shoes

Lovely finds for fall! I just want to surround myself with all these wonderful things. They make me smile, they make me shine and they make my wallet super light. I may pick up a few pieces but I hope to find equally good finds thrifting.