Monday, January 11, 2010

New Recipe- Week 1

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So this week I tried a new recipe found off The Pioneer Woman website. Now I won't go into much detail because Ree's directions are spot on and if you follow them to almost a T you should be ok. However note, we actually cooked this meal outside on the outdoor grill (side burner) because we have touchy fire alarms in the house and I new this sucker was going to smoke up. It sure did.

So the recipe is called Steak Bites but I think I need to change it to mini heart-attacks. My tips are: reduce the butter just a smidge and make sure to cut the pieces as similar in size as possible to make for even cooking. Oh and if you can't cook outside make sure to have all the windows open and fans on because to do this right you really need to try and get that hot pan sear thing going and it does get very smoky.

We paired it with roasted rosemary/garlic potatoes on night one and then re-heated the leftovers (still very tasty) with crab legs and wild rice for night two. Chad, Baby James and I enjoyed our mini heart-attacks and thought they would be a fun addition to a Super Bowl menu.

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