Monday, January 11, 2010

Sewing Class - I am on my way to making clothes or a mess

So this Wednesday I will be taking my first sewing class ever. Well actually my mom tried to teach me to sew a few years back when I wanted to make trick or treat bags for the kids. The bags turned out great however I really didn't do much of the sewing and more or less observed. One of my goals this year is to learn how to sew so I can use my new found talent on making crafts and do dads for the house. My expectations are high and I feel confident that I will be a sewing wizard by the end of the year. The ultimate high would be to finally make that flying monkey costume (for James this time) using the pattern I bought .. ohhh 10 years ago.

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  1. Testing... why look at that, I CAN comment!
    Where are you doing lessons?

    Have fun!


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