Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I want to buy three pricey items. I have spent weeks, months and years looking over them, reading reviews, dreaming, promising Chad that I will use them, budgeting for them, re-budgeting for them, making pro and con lists.....I know that when I go through that much thought that it means that this is a want that is on its way to being justified as a need.

These items will not keep us warm (or cold as it is summer), they will not feed my birdies, they will not put shoes on their itty bitty birdie feet, they will not put gas in my car... they are simply a want that I really, really need.

Scanner - I need you to help me organize my paper monster that is threatening to take over my whole house. How lovely it would be to simply go through the mail and scan everything that needs to be "filed" and then shred the original. Scanning receipts, article, school papers.... I can scan it ALL!!!! But for a price tag of $250.00 is this really a need??

Camera - I absolutely have a camera, 2 in fact. But its old (like 6 years) and I want something new with a bit more umppphhh. I could use the money towards some better glass but I really want a video/camera combo. At $799.95 this one is a tough purchase but I really really want it and considering that I use my camera almost daily it's hard for me not to want to champion this buy. How many more times can I say want....

Diet - yeah I went there. I read about 1st Personal Diet about a year ago. I was still nursing at the time so I knew it wasn't something I could do but I always kept it bookmarked. It sounds kooky and crazy but I really want to try it. 12 weeks of a specific eating plan designed around your blood. I told you it was kooky. $249.00 investment in me?? Or waste of money?? Seems like I need to just dust off the pilates dvd's and maybe get off the couch a bit more. But is $249.00 really worth it for 20 lbs of won't freakin budgeness weight. maybe...

So back to the budget and the pro and con list. I don't see any of these purchase in the near future so I will just keep dreaming and hoping that my money tree sprouts some... money.

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