Tuesday, June 1, 2010

72 hours

After being away from two of my birdies for three days I always get nervous when I see them for the first time since our separation. Sort of that, I haven't seen you in forever how much have you changed nervous. It sort of feels like pressure, like I may explode as soon as they come into site. I mean really what can happen in 72 hours. Well, long lovely curls can be cut, wavy tousled hair can be shaved, you can literally grow 3 inches and out of your shoes. Sweet daughters come back with not so sweet attitudes. So much can change in 3 days and yet it only takes a few seconds to feel like everything is back where it should be. Well except for the long, lovely curls, those take a few years to grow back.

This weekend after James had been away from his brother and sister for 3 long days he made it clear that he did miss his siblings. After the pick up we stopped by the market to grab some dinner and James could not keep his hands off his brother, it was a shopping cart love fest. Jackson hanging off the edge with his arms wrapped around his brother and James leaning out almost ready to fall but being protected and held back by two straps. They were intertwined in this feverish grasp and would only let go when the smallness of the isle would not allow them to continue their embrace. James knew they were back home and he had missed all the sisterly and brotherly attention. He missed the nightly routine of hugs and kisses to each of them before bedtime. He missed being the cheerleader to their festival of Wii games. He missed putting on their scattered shoes that laid all over and stomping around the living room. He missed Julia in her role as little mother, he missed the extra pair of hands that would get him a snack if he asked just right. "Nack sissee, nack..peezzz"

The realization is they miss him too. Julia asked to spend extra time with James on Friday morning. I asked her why and she quietly and sadly replied, because we won't see him for such a long time. They experience what I do. They know that in 72 hours so much can change, baby's car seats can be turned around so now they can no longer see their cherub brothers face as they drive, they know curly blond locks can be trimmed down into a big boy haircut. They know that the chubby baby they left behind on Friday morning is now the taller lankier younger brother who can now reach the top of the dining room table and climb onto the couch by himself. For some 72 hours seems like a flash a blink of the eye but in our home, with our family 72 hours feels like forever and everything seems to change.

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