Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random thoughts on a Tuesday

Organize Create Organize Create Organize Create
These two words are tumbling through my head all day long. I am never completely fulfilled in direction when it comes to these two things. Pricey scanners, simple sweet baskets, drawers with dividers, pom pom makers, new fabric, fun DIY tutorials, new lens, photoshop tips, piles of paper, recipes, purged clothes, new classes, cards, invites, parties to plan, soccer schedule, swim class, sewing, re-decorating, Baby Boogie Schedule, Dr Apts.

Go Move Go Move Go Move Go Move Go Move
It seems like I never stop, these two words move through me from the moment I awake to the moment I fall asleep. 45 minutes countdown, hair up, load, unload, buckle, buckle, buckle, drop off, rush, faster, slow down too fast, coffee, flip flops off heels on, hair down, and BREAK 60 mins to get it all done, back to work, the seconds till 5:30 and … go …heels off flip flops on, hair back up … Pull in, breath and walk into my life

Lists Dreams Lists Dreams Lists Dreams Lists
I don’t ever think I really sleep when I am sleeping. Ideas in the shape of dreams form in the night and pour out in the morning usually during my 45min countdown when the last thing I need to be thinking about are my mind clouds. The lists are where they find there way too. To do or not to do .. is that the question?, 3 family calendars and 1 for the mindless who shall go nameless, to do for work, to do for life, school papers, all different shades of pink and green, fill in the blanks, fill in the boxes, due dates, real due dates, making space, making time, feeling fulfilled, being fulfilled, connecting the dots between and making what is not reality into reality.

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