Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Summer 2010 Collection

Here a few of my favorite things for this summer.
Clothing: So far the Madden Girl gladiator sandals have come home with me. A visit to DSW and $29.99 later they were mine. They are super comfortable and very stylish with my summer dresses that I have been living in lately. I already own the boots but I think I am in need of replacements this summer so that is on the horizon. The shirt is super cute and I think I am going to be wear a lot of thin leggings with flow shirts for our business casual at the office. The wonderful flop hat in dark brown is lovely and perfect for a trip to the beach or to the backyard with drink in hand. I threw those rain boots in because I want to start looking for discounted pairs now that spring is over. I really needed some this year, Chad's fishing boots were just not doing it for me this past winter.
Food: This summer it will be full of fresh.. fresh what you ask? Well fresh cookies, sushi and hopefully backyard garden veggies. Margaritas with silver tequila are a must.
Jewelry: I own the owl necklace, bought from a sweet etsy seller, the ring is also something I came across in a mall shoe store of all places. Now the feather necklace is something I have been eyeing for some time. I need a summer pair of glasses, my silver trimmed aviator style won't do.
Bathroom goodies: I started early on the self tan project. Most years I will spend May doing the indoor tanning thing to get prepared for summer but not this year. My skin cancer free body would like to continue to be that way. I already have one hole in my leg from a biopsy so I decided to go the self tan route. A few trial and error days and now I have the process down. Between Loreals Bronze Mist and Jergens Foam I have a nice golden color on my skin and its only May 10th. I also stocked up on my summer nail colors of metallic copper and brown.
Decor: I am sticking with my nature look through out the summer. The branches will stay up in the homestead and I plan on adding a few more wood pieces in the bedroom.

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