Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's just say .. we've been busy...

Let's just say .. we've been busy...
May came and went.. wait.. it’s not over yet.. oh heck it feels like June already, well at least my calendar is screaming June at me. The Spring months of April and May blur past me every year. The older the kids are getting the faster it moves. I look at my Calendar and no joke I only had 10 days in 61 that were left blank. And I am not talking about appointments to tan (which I don’t do anymore) or appointments to meet at the gym to workout (which I don’t do anymore). I am talking real life meet you at 4:00pm and if your 15mins late you lost your appointment type appointments. The type where you are sweating running for one place to the next only to find out that you’re at destination 2 out of 10 for the day. The mini van and I have had it rough. Ok there were some fun times…. Like here:

And here:

And this wasn’t too bad:

But alas I see relief. June is looking good. I see miles and miles of open days with nothing in site. Ok maybe that is a huge exaggeration but at least I have some 2 day periods where all I have to do is sit at home and catch up on my DVR’ed shows. I joke .. see being a full time working mom makes that whole “nothing to do today” thing not exist. So I am thankful that I have a few days this upcoming month where I get to peacefully wake up and head to work without my lunches and breaks spent running from here to there or calling so and so or printing out such and such or online registering him and her. Where I get to go home and not rush them to practice or us to a game or everyone to an 8:00pm bedtime. Where we can focus on the next camping trip, summer vacations and Wipeout. June please come quickly so that May can be gone for another 11mths!

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