Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

Mothers Day weekend was nice, it started off with Chad getting home early on Friday so we could do a last minute Costco run. While that doesn’t sound like fun the snacks were super good so James and I didn’t complain. We quickly swung by to pick up the kids and headed home with a new razor scooter that Julia had won in a raffle at school. Friday night ended with a nice bath and margaritas on the rocks.

Saturday morning I slept in due to Margaritas on the rocks (thanks Chad) and then headed out to a hair appt at 11:00am. Julia and I picked up mom and we went to get our hair “did”. Shoes shopping and lunch added to the fun. When we arrived home our new couches had arrived and the old ones had yet to exit. I love our new couches. They are sectional style and wrap around our room perfectly, so far after 2 days of sitting, laying and flopping on them I have to say .. we really really love them! We are in the process of selling the 2 that we replaced. They didn’t work for our family and were way too small for our living room.

new couches

Mothers Day dinner with my mom and mother-in-law on Sat night was crab legs and steak. Chad timed it pretty well and everything came out perfect. We hit up the fire pit in the back afterwards and enjoyed some family time under the stars. Dessert was wonderful, cream puffs covered with chocolate and berries mix.

Sunday morning the official M-day, I was treated to sleeping in again (I haven’t slept in since our last vacation without kids over a year ago). Breakfast in bed was nice but I got lonely so I slipped downstairs after only a few bites of food. We decided to take the kids to the park to run off some of the at home energy out of them and before we knew it we had been there for over 2 hrs. Playing ball and flinging Frisbees is tiring. Back home for a movie-athon and menudo and to bed early. It was such a nice weekend and I enjoyed it even though the to-do list was growing in the back of my head. A mothers work is never done.

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