Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update on 33 before 34

1. Mail out 33 postcards or hand written letters, and no Christmas does not count Not even close. I have to get on this! 2. Find 10 new places to eat Santa Barbara - Jeannies Baker, Santa Cruz - Tacos Moreno, San Fransisco- Louies, Blue Mermaid, Fisherman wharf, 3. Try 33 new recipes Ok this is still a work in progress. Enchilada bake- :(, everything else has been good, turkey meatballs, turkey chilli, all sorts of veggie soups and cream style soups. 4. Learn how to sew on paper and in journals nope 5. Spend 33 minutes outside on the sidewalk with chalk nope, coming up 6. Take 33 self portraits working on it, thanks iphone!! 7. Walk 33 minutes or more 2 times a week HAHAHAHA Haaaaaaaaaa NOT winning on this one. 8. Scrap 33 pages I suck. 9. Journal 33 prompts Coming up! 10. Photo shoot with mom and dad YES Done! Oak Glen and it was Fab! 11. Do a week cleanse at least twice Once only, I didn't really like it, Ok actually twice if you count the unfortunate Ikea food poisoning. 12. 33 random acts of kindness 13. Craft a lot of my Christmas presents nope 14. Buy more Etsy and less Target I have been frequently using Etsy for buys, Julia's b-day was one occasion! 15. Build a nest Yes for Julia's birthday decor 16. Wear more vintage house dresses 17. Wear my fun extensions more often Photo shot! 18. Spend 33 minutes a day working on crafty goodness HAHAHAHA haaaaaaaaaaaaa 19. Photograph 33 new subjects in Macro 20. Eat 33% less taco bell Yes, thanks to Weight Watchers I have eaten less Taco Bell. Which means less of me! 21. Plant 10 new things in the garden, starting with lettuce 22. Blog 33 times 23. Spend 33 dollars in a candy store (that one is going to be hard) 24. Find 33 different ways to tell the kids how much I love them Ok doesn't making dinner and washing clothes count as ways to tell them I love them? 25. Take a 33 day challenge of some sort, maybe walk 33 minutes a day for 33 days? 26. Watch 33 movies, thanks Netflix We got rid of netflix so this one doesn't count! But we have gone to the movie theatre more than ever. That means 2 so far. 27. Once a month craft days 28. Once a month purge days How about once a week purge days!! 29. Host a girls only camping retreat in the cabin Must plan! 30. Take a online class on a new crafting concept Of course, Brave Girls counts right? 31. Pick a subject to photograph and start a collage 32. Host a Porch Wine Night 33. Live in the moment and recognize it, journal it, craft it, express it, share it

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