Monday, April 4, 2011

Crockpot and stuff

So I am going to just come out and say it. No more babies, which meant all the clean non-broken baby gear from Baby James went to the great yard sale in the sky. I was sad. So then I bought a puppy, because you know puppies are so sweet and cute and hardly ever need anything like to be feed more than once a day. Puppies don't need diaper changes either. They need whole kitchen tile floor changes. The are so quite as well, not once single yelp or cry or protest .. on the first night. Night number 2 was a whole different story. No but really. We have been thinking about a new pup for awhile and when I came across the Olde English Bulldog I was in LOVE!! He had a name before he had a home. He smells like puppy and he is HUGE! His poops are super size already so we know this guy is going to be big. I love him and his rolls...and his droppy eyes and his muzzle. His pink lips with littke black dots.. I want to eat that puppy. Hmm that doesn't sound quite right.

So Charlie is less than thrilled. He growls and what not. He has the stink eye perfected. Piddles.. hmm she thinks she is hot stuff. She's not. Oh piddler on the roof, you are such a muttzuuu. Charlie Babbit, your a young ole man. Welcome home Crockpot. We love you!

Oh and something new this Spring. Sunday Bloody Mary/Mimosa brunches with Joan and Scott. Soon will be the Friday night porch drunk extravaganza's. With boxes and all. I look forward to spring for more than one reason now.

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