Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh bloggie bloggie.......

Man oh man where have I been? Losing 10 lbs is where... taking care of three kids, harvesting lemons and lettuce. Planning my great escape from work. Kids just had dentist apts and guess what... no cavities!!! They were supper proud of themselves and so was I. This is a big deal because they have had some issues in the past and it was nice to not have to go through that again.

Chad and I are planning a trip to the northern coast for a few days. Oh ok.. I am doing all the planning and hoping that wine tasting, spa dates, boat trips and awesome restaurants will make us both happy. I have this knack for trip planning. I tend to over plan sometimes but can be fluid if certain things don't work out. I love to find hidden gems and since this is a road trip I have been lucky enough to find a ton.

So I took all of my blog posts from last year and printed them out and put them in my 2010 photo album. It worked really well because I had about 4-5 posts for each month and it acts as my journaling. I have been using Becky Higgins products for these albums the last few years and I am really enjoying the way they work for my family.

Really nothing much else to ad to my little ole blog. Just livin the dream and trying to keep everyone healthy through Winter.

And now a little message!

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