Monday, January 31, 2011

The month came and went...

This month flew by. I am sort of sad to see it go. We had a great month coming off an even better holiday season. I never recapped the holidays. I have to say, this was the best Holiday season yet. We spent a ton of time relaxing, taking things slow and overall.. just not worrying about the little things as much. So we melted into January with a feeling of excitement and contentment.

I started back with the WW and of course the plan works. I am down 8 in 4 weeks. I know that if you work the program you see results. You don’t work it… well you don’t lose anything. I have 12 more to go and I am hoping to lose those last 12 and then begin a workout routine for the week. Baby steps…

So back to Jan, We spent this month making plans for the year. I spent it trying to not get fired at work. Being fearless can have its downside too. I read a book (round of applause), Radical Homemakers. It was wonderful and inspiring. I have really started to understand the concept behind sustainable living. I am also being forced to really look at how much we are consuming as far as merchandise. If I ever want to be a SAHM again I need to cut some of the shopping down. Jackson had a mini physical and we found that his weight issues may not be as dire as we initially thought. That hasn’t stopped me from trying to stuff this kid with food every chance I get. We had a great family adventure at the races this month. It was a gorgeous Saturday and we took the kids out to see the horses. James loved his pony rides and Chad loved his winning races.

Now we stumble into Feb. Baseball practice begins. Valentine’s day! 2 school holidays! I am excited and looking forward to the month of love!

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