Monday, November 1, 2010

I blinked and then November was here.

So I borrowed this header from Elise Blaha, I hope she doesn't mind. It was too cute to pass up. So October is over, out of here, in the books. Now it's on to November. Ahh Nov. the month that brings 4 family birthdays, the end of soccer season, a huge Turkey, anxiety over Christmas and cooler weather. I want to squeeze in a camping trip this month but I doubt that will happen. I am excited over my lemon and tangerine bounty that is blowing up in the backyard! At least 100 lemons and close to 50 tangerines. Looking out my window over the last 3 days I could literally see the colors change on the hard round fruit. Each morning a new shade of lemon and orange and I am thrilled to bits that my trees have survived another season. The orange tree is coming in last with 2 pieces of fruit. Now wait the pomegranate tree is last, one piece of fruit this year. But for a tree that wasn't supposed to fruit at all I guess we are actually coming out on top.

Projects this week include a owl stuffie for Jackson to work on and pumpkin inspired baked goods. Plus working on Julias party goodies. 18 days away!!

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