Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Picking

This weekend we took the littlest bird James to the pumpkin patch to ....pick pumpkins. Since the other two were with their dad we had to make this trip solo. I missed those two. Like a lot, like so much that I took more pictures then I ever take so they can see them and feel like they were there too. We bought 5 pumpkins representing each person in our family. Even when Julia and Jack are gone they are still right there. I had someone tell me awhile ago how lucky I was to get that break every other weekend, to not have a house full of kids. To get that alone time. I am not lucky. In fact it is the hardest thing to deal with. It like a mini roller coaster of emotions for me. Its like someone cuts off my right arm for 48 hrs and then sews it back on when they return. However I am grateful for the Monday evening matchup when they have come back home and I pour over them like syrup. I smell them, hug and kiss them and swear that they have grown inches. It like a homecoming. I cuddle them extra long and extra hard and even James gets in on the action. He misses those guys too. Our family is again complete and everything is right with the world.

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