Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Nothing Compares – Next song on my Karaoke list….

James and I start Baby Boogie tomorrow. I am not quite sure what to expect with this community class. Maybe he will learn some new dance moves, the sprinkler that he has picked up from his dad and the head bob that he has perfected since he was 8mths old is getting old.

Country music bums me out sometimes. I mean talk about rejection…. Over and over and over again. It can get to you.

Do I really want to listen to a song titled Hillbilly Bone? changing channel….

The kids want to go to Hometown Buffet tonight. I want to run… away…. from Hometown Buffet. I screwed myself by saying.. “anywhere we have coupons for” and they found that one. Being thrifty will ruin my digestive track for a few days.

What is my current obsession?
Answer: celebrity bs, especially Lindsay Lohan drama… I am addicted to that patch of crazy.

What is the first thing I am going to do tomorrow morning?
Answer: When baby James wakes up I will bring him into each of the kids bedrooms so he can wake them up with “good mownin sissy, good mownin bruda”. They love it! So do I.

What am I looking forward to the most this weekend?
Answer: Spending sometime planning out the re-do of the patio. Figuring out how to do it FREE!!

It’s gray outside but I feel sunny inside. It has me confused.

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