Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crafts.. crafts and some more stuff

Sewing sort of fell off the map of creativity quickly so I am making a second attempt to revive my interest. Rachel Denbow is teaching a beginners class to sewing and I am all over it.

Class description: Home Ec is not just for teenagers anymore, it's for everyone, everywhere!! Leigh-Ann, Courtney and myself have created this online sewing class for beginners and those who want to develop and polish their sewing skills!
We've planned 3 Guides, 26 step-by-step Projects with at least 1 new Sewing Technique in each, 3 Live Chats and a tips post on How to Invent & Adapt projects of your own!

I am super excited and can’t wait to pull out that machine, again.

I did some work on my front porch and now I found the most perfect do it yourself chandelier project.

Found in Sunset magazine, my favorite parts of this project are the mason jars and thrifted baskets. This will look perfect hanging from our front porch. My gut is telling me to paint it white however. And to look for colored gems.

I am super excited to attend the LA Renegade craft fair. I am sort of waiting to fall in love with EVERYTHING!!! Plus I like being around like minded crafty people and I think that is what I will find. Inspiration all along the way.

Summer time is so full of new expierences and fun....

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