Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day 2010

*yes I know earth day is the 22nd but I am going to be super slammed tomorrow so I posted about it today...

I now cringe when I have to use a cardboard coffee cup. I never thought that I would have a physical reaction to being wasteful but I do. My trips to 7-11 have stopped in favor of brewing tea at work. A move motivated by saving $2 bucks a day but also by trying to reduce waste. Our family recycles bottles and cans, worm composts, grasscycles and thrifts. We try our best to reduce the amount of trash we create and I personally am re-thinking our consumption all the time.

I watched this great video the other day and it really opened my eyes to how easy the explanation of how we are burning (literally) through our natural resources really is. I look forward to sharing it with my kids on Earth Day. Small steps lead to big changes.

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