Wednesday, April 14, 2010

1/4 of the way!!

We are a 1/4 of the way through the year and I wanted to re-cap my "list" and see if I am really making any movement on what I wanted this year to really be about.

1. So far there have been big strides in the restructuring of the house. We made some furniture moves in the bedroom that has allowed for a more open floor plan. We had a huge yard sale in April that involved a lot of purged items including furniture that was just taking up too much space. My craft room has been organized and i actually when in there and worked on my journal last weekend. There are still some places that need some help, like the other half of the loft but I am happy with what has been accomplished.

2.I learned how to Sew. I took a class and practiced a few times afterwards. Now that I have a place in my craft room for my sewing goodies I foresee more sewing in the near future.

3. Learning how to knit will have to move to the later portion of the year.. probably fall.

4.Scraproom is re-organized, now I just have to add the finishing touches.

5. I completed style school and I love what it has done to my personal style. It has actually saved me some $$$ I shop with a different mind set now and I am so much happier in what I wear.

6.I have leggings coming out of my ears!! and fun comfy socks under my boots. Its been a fun footwear adventure.

7. We have been blessed to be able to do this each month. I hope it continues.

8. So 1 new recipe a week hasn't quite been it but there have been some weeks where I have done 2-3 and some where I haven't cooked anything new.

Baby steps. But it sure feels good to have accomplished so much in just 3 mths, its kind of like the secret.

2010 The List
1. "Our Home"
2. Learn How to Sew
3. Learn How to Knit
4. Re-Organize the Scraproom
5. Complete Style School
6. Wear more Leggings
7. Monthly Date Nights
8. Cook 1 new recipe a week

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