Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentines Insanity!!

So this year I thought I might do a mini Valentine Candy Buffet for the kids. Nothing super crazy just a small smattering of goodies laid out all fancy like so they feel like it's a bit of a special day. Just a small way to show them I love them and a way for mommy to let out some of her creative juices. Well on my jaunt through blog land I stumbled upon Amy Atlas and her amazing buffets. yet again. This lady does not disappoint. I mean R U kidding me with this??

Umm yeah.. sorry kids but mommas limited funds of $20 bucks and time of maybe a few hours will not allow me to produce this masterpiece. However I can promise some strawberry milk or pink lemonade, but not in clear glasses, come on we all know one out of three of you will drop it.
Oh and kids, since I am using all of the old Halloween and Christmas candy the colors will be more of a black/orange/red/green theme. But heavy on the red, I mean come on it's Valentines. Only the best for this family, only the best.

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