Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Organize.. it's what I do...

So one of my goals this year (and every year) is to get more organized and Chad and I made a huge dent in that this past weekend. Oh my gravy we re-arranged the whole bedroom and added a few pieces of storage, removed a dresser and passed that down to Jackson and moved his old dresser into the craft room. We purged some clothes, some toys and knick knacks. It felt great to finally make the move and make our bedroom a more relaxing space for all of us. Since we host 3 children in our bed on most weekend mornings and at least 2 for nighttime reading we had to make it a more usable space. We created a reading nook and have plans in the future for a comfy small couch to encourage little children to just come hangout and read. We also anchored the TV and all furniture to the wall. Recently we have had three local children die from TV's falling on them and I knew we had to make sure that we secured everything for safety.

I also cleaned out the pantry Whoo hoooo!! This meant making space for the kids to help themselves with lunch snacks in the morning and breakfast items. I must have recycled 18 boxes out of that pantry. It felt great! I added a organize set with some of the new items I picked up as well as some that I used and want.


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