Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feels like Home.

 I am in love with my garden. Like in love. I care for it like a new baby. I feel pain for the plants that don’t make it. I feel joy for the ones that did. I literally run out to the garden to see if any new friends have arrived on the already heavy stems of my pepper trees. The spinach is just exploding and reminds me of clouds. I find so much peace in my garden. Just tending to it for 10mins calms and relaxes me. I really want gardening to provide a substantial amount of food for our family. I want to be able to go out my front door and provide a meal for my family. I wear a new nail polish color, “Garden Dirt” and since I garden in flip flops which eventually get left in one of the beds, I tend to have dirt feet. It reminds me of being a little girl. I am happiest in a summer dress with no shoes, dirty nails, big floppy hat and kneeling in my garden.  It feels like home for me, it feels like comfort.

Why sideways pictures?

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