Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I swear I saw a pig fly!

Very rarely.. like once a year…mornings run so smoothly that it almost makes me cry. This was one of those mornings. I woke before the alarm and was able to start my morning feeling refreshed. I had a good nights sleep. I woke up the kids at their usual times and no one tried to kick me or started crying because they wanted to stay under the covers. My 2 biggest birds were dressed quickly and downstairs packing lunches and organizing their breakfast. No dramatic outbursts about lost socks or no clothes to wear. I did not hear a sound. The typical screams and yells and doors slamming was non-existent. I was downstairs a few minutes early than usual to find backpacks ready and by the door. What?? I didn’t have to yell numerous times for them to pack bags and be prepared?? Two kids quietly milling around the kitchen with shoes and coats on. I almost died, right there, in the kitchen. Typically shoes are lost and coats have disappeared.
I loaded the car up and asked Julia to get the baby bird for me, she did and remembered to turn off all the lights on her way down. Even the baby got the memo! He was all smiles and happy to be awake. No poop diaper (saves at least 5 mins). Jack had already prepared a car snack for him. Not once did James run around the kitchen screaming SNAAACCKKKK and then crying when he didn’t get what he wanted. Into the car and everyone was freezing but no tears and outbursts, no demands of .. please go get me a blanket….. We were off and lo and behold the singing started. The kids were singing nursery rhymes with James. Using the right words.. no one replaced spider with poop or star with poop. I had to pinch myself. I couldn’t stop smiling. Drop offs at all locations went well and I ended up at work 10mins early. If every morning was like this I think my forehead wrinkles would disappear.

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