Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's starting... can you feel it!

I don't know what it is about this year? Could it be that all three children will all be nestled in my beds this Christmas Eve? Could it be I finally found my favorite wine from Fresh and Easy in stock and bought 6 bottles. Maybe its the fact that I am so close to having everything wrapped 2 days before Christmas and it makes me want to shout "Praise the baby Jesus". This year seems to have been less stressful then years past. I hope its the fact that as I age I am also maturing and understanding the importance of this holiday season. I say the season because we all know the importance of the actual birth of Jesus. I am talking about the month of Dec and all the craziness and insanity it brings. I vowed this year to not go there, to make it easy.. peezeee...

So far some of my fav highlights have been:
Ordering online for almost all gifts!!! Thank you Amazon, Walmart ship to store, Sephora and JCPenny. You saved me hours of grief and sadness. I hate shopping with other people around me.

Family cookie making date with my BFF and her family. I enjoyed spending time with the littlest Holtzclaw who so gracefully and delicately rolled out her sugar cookies with a water bottle. We couldn't find the rolling pin. Classy!! Julia enjoyed "teaching" the art of chocolate chip drops and I loved having a house full of people. It was simple, calm and done on a weekend way before the holiday craziness. It was nice to have some undivided attention with special friends. Well if you call a house with 4 screaming kids undivided attention.

Hernia Surgery- Yes Chad's upcoming surgery has me in the holiday spirit. For once he will be home with us the week after Christmas. So it takes surgery to get this guy to stop working but I am going to take what I can get. I am getting my nurse outfit ready and will be nursing him into the New Year. Wait that doesn't sound right?

Cold rainy weather- This December has brought some ugly weather but along with that came the realization that we love having the dogs in the house. I know crazy huh. They add so much warmth to the home and Baby James can't get enough of them. I think the addition of them in the house more often softens pretty much everyone.
Cuddling movie marathons- We have had a few weekends were we hae just hungout on the couch and had a cuddle movie marathon... It's been nice and relaxing and I think it needs to happen more often.
Ahhh there is a reason for the season! LOVE

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