Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Soccer Boy and Girl

A new season of soccer. Julia scored the "Dallas Cowboy" team, so far they look good (hair bows, soccer bag with names stitched on, t-shirts, custom waterbottles, matching head bands) but they haven't been much to chat about on the field. I think there is way to much forced positioning going on.

Jackson on the other hand is the opposite. His team has no banner, no shirts... nothing extra. They are 1-1 and Jack scored 2 goals last weekend. Enough for the coach to pull him and allow the other kids some elbow room. I called him ball hog super stud, Chad called him "good boy".

BTW I love both kids, no favorites here, Julias pictures did not go to my e-mail address so I doubt I will ever see them. Booooo hooooo

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